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How to choose an electric car cup

      Car Cup car , also known as electric cup , car heating cup , a new heating products use existing vehicle power system , in line with China and even the world 's living habits , can be used to boil water, foam noodles , tea , hot
coffee , Pao Niunai so on.

Its working principle and temperature control point of view, the market now there are two main types of car electric cup . One is the simple mechanical thermostat switch , temperature switch is heated to a set temperature of the heating is stopped ; second is the use of microcomputer automatic temperature control , not only can display real-time temperature , but can be set to any temperature you want, the system will after heated to the temperature of your designated stop heating and insulation within ± 2 degrees range.

From the material and structural point of view , the current multi-use vehicle cup double cup design not only increases the aesthetics of the cup , but also has the effect of anti-scalding , more vacuum insulation effect. Cup material into PC plastic and stainless steel , the durability of stainless steel mug clearly superior PC plastic cups , of course, many have high prices . When we choose , according to their purchasing power to be.

Car electric cup has a different capacity design , there are usually 280ml, 300ml, 450ml majority. We can choose the appropriate volume of vehicle cup according to their water intake on weekdays .
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