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Mug small door

      1, the new stainless steel vacuum cup in use process, the water always smell... Metallic taste.. Q how can remove? Answer the peculiar smell of the stainless steel vacuum cup is made of stainless steel, plastic accessories and stainless steel internal processing to improper, for high-end brand vacuum cup is not exist. If the above phenomenon, a soda or in 95% ethanol can be used plastic 8 hours can be removed.

      2, vacuum cup after pour into ice water can't open the lid, with what method to open?

      With warm water to soak the can, because the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, when you put on ice, vacuum gas becomes small, make the lid tight, on the contrary, you outside in the warm water can let its inflation, the cover is loose. Or put long points can open! Or take to bask in the sun, let it is easy to open.

      3, with hot water to open it, can be in hot water bubble, don't take to in the pan on the fire to burn, a lot of people use such methods disinfection, but that the waterproof ring and the cover of the plastic part of the lid will change color variant. You take out bubble after the warm water after put the cup side, with a half wet towel wrapped, hideous opened easily (with just eight points with boiled water, too full air inside too little will have to open it).

      4, buy the cup can have a lot of use of large capacity, with porridge can heat preservation over ten hours, you can pack ice, most will not let, some pharmaceutical company dedicated to pick the best quality glass also transport drugs, many drugs can only in the case of low temperature preservation. Translates to soak the cooked items, such as tremella, raw cereals, green beans, etc., everything is done after an hour or two.

      5, after years of cup tea bubble tea scale, red is very ugly, don't be afraid, to the bakery to the boss for a little baking soda, use boiling is easily removed, in a few minutes or use vinegar can also clean the dirt, can't use just wool to brush, brush that it broke.

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