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Car mug safety hazard prevention and measures

      On-board electric cup has become a lot of people in the car or family an indispensable boil water tool, it can be like electric kettle boil off the water, and has a vacuum insulation effect, it is a practical, convenient, products that meet the modern fast-paced life.

      As the on-board electric cup, electric cup for sale on the market for car brand is more and more, its quality is uneven, there is a generation of simple temperature control car mug, also has a new upgrade the second generation of microprocessor control of vehicle electric cup. Although the two car mug use is very convenient, safe, but they all belong to the household electrical appliances, always so in use process need to pay attention to how to prevent potential safety hazard.

      Car mug is a frequently used liquid heating kettle, the cup body, lid and handle, heating element, cup, etc. General hidden trouble in security car mug for the fire, cause the cause of the fire mainly include the following:

      On-board fire the cause of the mug

      1, relative to the second generation of micro intelligent vehicle electric cup, a generation of car after using the mug cup into if you do not cut off the power and the electric cup long time electricity, heat, may cause a fire. Car mug is useful heat resistant plastic cup holder support, make the heating element is apart from desktop has a certain distance, but because of the effect of thermal radiation and heat conduction, car mug electricity after a period of time cup holder of the surface of the bottom still has a high temperature.

      By the relevant test, a 300 - watt on-board electric cup 500 grams of water, electricity 4 ~ 5 minutes after the bottom surface temperature of 100 ℃. 12 minutes after the water boiled away and the bottom surface temperature of 260 ℃. After 15 minutes of 344 ℃. The first two temperature more than wood heat decomposition of spontaneous combustion temperature for a long time, after a temperature has exceeded the self-ignition point of lumber. If user negligence, therefore, to use the car electric cup at home and board, after use and not in time to cut off the power supply, easy to cause fire.

      2, car mug heat cause fire. Car mug electric heating element of the heating wire, is a kind of strong thermal inertia of the electric heating material, the cooling speed significantly slower than heating speed. After on-board power electric cup, cup bottom surface temperature will remain for quite some time), if the user after using the mug before it cooling in the fuel, or long term on the board such as fuel use and fixed position, can also cause a fire.

      3, clean on-board electric cup water leakage into the circuit part and its insulation to reduce, cause the leakage fault, such as causing a fire.

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