Small door of thermos cup

Source:Yongkang Taiyun Hardware Products Co. LTDRelease time:2020-11-18

1. In the process of using the new stainless steel thermos cup, there is always a peculiar smell in the water... Metal smell... How can I get rid of it? The odor of stainless steel thermos cup is caused by poor treatment of stainless steel plastic accessories and stainless steel interior. Good brand thermos cup will not exist. If the above phenomenon exists, the plastic parts can be soaked in soda water or 95% alcohol for 8 hours to remove.

2. The cover of the thermos cup cannot be opened after pouring ice water. How to open it? It's OK to soak it in warm water. Because of the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, when you put ice, the gas in the thermos cup will become smaller, making the lid tighter. On the contrary, you can make it expand by adding warm water outside, and the cover will be loose. Or it can be opened after a long time! Or take it in the sun and make it easier to open.

3. If the hot water can't be opened, you can soak it in the hot water. Don't put it in the pot and burn it on the stove. Many people disinfect it in that way, but the waterproof ring in the lid and the plastic part in the lid will change color. After soaking in warm water, you take out the cup and put it on the side. Wrap it with a half wet towel. It's easy to open it (when you fill it with boiling water, it's OK to fill it with 8 minutes. If it's too full, if there's too little air in it, it won't open).

4. Buying large capacity cups can be used for many purposes. They can hold gruel for more than ten hours, can hold ice, and won't contain them for most of the day. Some pharmaceutical companies choose high-quality cups to transport drugs. Many medicines can only be stored at low temperatures. It can be filled with easily cooked things, such as tremella, raw Cereals, mung beans and so on. After an hour or two, everything is ripe.

5. There will be tea stains in the cup after making tea for a long time. Don't be afraid. Go to the bakery and ask the boss for some soda powder. It will be easy to remove it after soaking in boiling water for a few minutes. Or you can clean the tea stain with acid and vinegar. You can't brush it with a silk ball. It will break if you brush it.