Don't put these things in the thermos cup

Source:Yongkang Taiyun Hardware Products Co. LTDRelease time:2020-11-20

The thermos cup is a must-have product for many people in winter, but do you know that there are health risks behind the warm cup. If it is not cleaned in time or used improperly, it may become a hotbed for all kinds of bacteria.

Health hazard

The health hazards of thermos cup can be roughly divided into the following aspects:

1. The thermos cup is not cleaned in time or used improperly.

There are many sanitary dead corners in the thermos cup, such as the gap between the inner liner and the bottle cap. If not cleaned in time or used improperly, a large number of bacteria will be hidden in it, and it is difficult for hands to touch these places when cleaning normally.

2. The temperature in the cup is suitable and the environment is moist, which is easy to breed various bacteria.

Oral cavity itself is a "bacteria" environment, drink water, cap the bottle Repeated every day will make the bacteria attached to the cup mouth accumulate more and more in the gap of the bottle cap, which is easy to enter with the water. In addition, many people have the habit of carrying thermos cups with them. The cup body is in frequent contact with various objects, and the surface hygiene is as worrying.

3. The pressing type thermos cup commonly used by children may have greater hidden danger.

There is a button similar to "valve" on the lid of many thermos cups, so it is necessary to press the button by hand before pouring water. If the hand is not clean, bacteria may contaminate the button, increasing the risk.

Don't put thermos on these six drinks

The heat preservation effect of thermos cup is so good, can it hold all kinds of beverage liquid? Nowadays, there are many kinds of thermos cups on the market, but the quality is uneven. Not all liquids are suitable to be put into thermos cups, such as the following:

1. Acid drinks (such as plum juice, lemon juice, etc.)

Due to the high melting point of stainless steel, it will not release harmful substances due to high temperature melting. However, stainless steel is afraid of strong acid. If the drinks with strong acidity are loaded for a long time, it is likely to damage the inner tank and cause poor heat preservation.

In addition, the juice is not suitable for high temperature storage, so as to avoid the destruction of its nutrients; and the drinks with high sweetness are easy to cause a large number of microorganisms to breed and deteriorate.

2. Dry ice and carbonated drinks

It is not suitable to put dry ice and carbonated drinks in the thermos cup to avoid the internal pressure rising, which may cause the bottle stopper unable to be opened or the contents ejected.

3. Don't make tea

If tea is soaked in high temperature and constant temperature water for a long time, just like boiling with warm fire, a large amount of vitamins in tea will be destroyed, aromatic oil will be volatilized, tannic acid and theophylline will be extracted in large quantities, which will not only reduce the nutritional value of tea, but also make the tea juice odorless and bitter. Even if the tea is soaked for too long, the tea may release heavy metals, Harmful to health

In addition, the thermos cup will change color when holding hot tea for a long time. It is recommended to use tea bag to make tea when going out.

4. Liquid substance not suitable for salt (such as brine)

Because the inner liner of the heat preservation cup is sandblasted and electrolyzed, the inner liner after electrolysis can avoid the physical reaction of water contacting with stainless steel material directly, and the salt containing corrosivity may damage it, so it is not suitable to be installed in the quilt for a long time.

5. Not suitable for milk, dairy products, juice, etc

Some people will put the hot milk in the thermos cup, which is convenient to take with them. However, this practice allows the microorganisms in the milk to multiply rapidly at the appropriate temperature, leading to corruption and easy to cause diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Milk in high temperature environment, vitamins and other nutrients will be destroyed, at the same time, the acid substances in milk will react with the inner wall of the thermos cup, affecting human health.

6. It is not suitable to soak in traditional Chinese medicine

Some people also like to soak traditional Chinese medicine in a thermos cup for easy carrying and drinking. But decocted Chinese medicine generally dissolved a large number of acidic substances, easy to react with the chemical substances contained in the inner wall of the heat preservation cup, and dissolve into the decoction, which has adverse effects on the human body.

Traditional Chinese medicine can be stored at 25 ℃ for one or two days. The temperature in the heat preservation cup is high and easy to deteriorate. It is recommended to store at room temperature.