How to choose electric cup

Source:Yongkang Taiyun Hardware Products Co. LTDRelease time:2020-11-16

Car electric cup, also known as car cup and car heating cup, is a new product that uses the existing power system on the vehicle to heat. It conforms to the Chinese living habits and can be used to boil water, make instant noodles, make tea, make coffee, make milk, etc.

From its working principle and temperature control mode, there are mainly two types of car electric cup on the market. One is a simple mechanical temperature control switch, which stops heating when it is heated to the set temperature of the temperature switch; the other is to use a microcomputer to automatically control the temperature, which can not only display the real-time temperature, but also set any temperature you need. The system will stop heating after heating to the temperature you specify, and keep the temperature within ± 2 degrees.

From its material and structure, the current car cup mostly adopts double-layer cup design, which not only increases the beauty of the cup, but also has the effect of anti scalding and vacuum insulation. The cup body material is divided into PC plastic and stainless steel. In terms of durability, stainless steel cup body is obviously better than PC plastic cup, and the price is much higher. We can choose according to our purchasing power.

Car electric cup has different capacity design, usually 280ml, 300ml, 450ml. We can choose the appropriate volume of car cup according to our daily drinking water.